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March is here and Spring is in the Air! Join Sactown Social Bikes for BYOB Beer Bike Tours + Sacramento Events For All Ages! It seems to be an early spring this year and we are not upset about it. The city is beautiful right now, everything is just starting to bloom and although we […]

Book Your Holiday Beer Bike Tour & Pedal in Some Fun For the Whole Family! The holidays are here and the lights are starting to go up! The weather has crisped—winter is near and we can feel it. Winter in Sacramento means that the Fabulous ’40s will be decked out in the holiday spirit. Sactown […]

Drink Beer. Bike. Party! Join Us this August in Sacramento August in Sacramento has brought us warm toasty days and cool summer nights! We’ve been having a blast, pedaling and partying our way through summer and depending on who you ask, the party is just getting started. Meteorologists argue that summer comes to an end […]

Midsummer Beer Bike Tours in Sacramento Midsummer in Sacramento is warm, welcoming and the social scene is banging! There are tons of things to celebrate this month! Birthday’s, bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries, corporate event parties, Sunday fun-days—all of which are perfect occasions for a beer bike tour. Sactown Social Bikes is here to help you experience […]

Family-Friendly Summer Beer Bike Tours in Sacramento: Join Sactown Social Bikes & Soak Up Summer with 3-Hour Beer Bike Tours, Every Day Can you believe summer is nearly upon us? We can—we’ve been pedaling our way through the seasons, and riding with the changes as they come. Sactown Social Bikes can be your ride and […]

Sacramento’s Fabulous 40’s Christmas Lights Tour Book Now! Join Us for a Christmas Light Bike Tour in Sacramento, CA What better way to spend with family, friends, or coworkers than on a Sactown Social Bikes Christmas Lights Tour. We will pedal through the beautifully Holiday decorated neighborhoods. Singing Christmas songs and having a blast during […]

Downtown Sacramento Pub Crawl & Beer Bike Fun Downtown Sacramento is quickly becoming a brewpub destination for beer lovers from near and far.  Midtown alone is host to a multitude of great breweries, some of which have been named as one of the top ten in the state. You could hit each individually, but to […]

Beer Bike Bachelor & Bachelorette Party in Sacramento Bachelor (and bachelorette) parties offer a great time for fun and bonding. They are a celebration of a wonderful event and an opportunity for good friends to honor someone who has found their soulmate and life partner. Unique Parties Create More Lasting Memories Plenty of options exist […]

Tips and Tricks for Enjoyment During a Sacramento Pub Crawl Sacramento, CA Pub Crawls, Brewery Tours and Beer Bike Packages Whether you’re on a vacation or celebrating the end of a challenging work week (or month), there’s always a good reason to go on a pub crawl to unwind. And by unwind, we mean actually […]